How serious is peak oil?

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How serious is peak oil?

Postby steve » Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:16 pm

Interesting quote about the film End of Suburbia in the Wikipedia entry for Doomer:
The more convinced Doomer would typically refer to the peaknik movie The End of Suburbia as peak oil lite — for those who cannot handle their peak oil straight. While the last 15 minutes of The End of Suburbia focuses on the local community solutions of New Urbanism, the Doomer would argue that the movie fails to describe the inevitable Malthusian catastrophe. The Doomer protests that The End of Suburbia implies suburban sprawl will experience an orderly transition into New Urbanism. The convinced Doomer rejects this outright as an ecological and energetic impossibility without the Green Revolution and cheap oil transport.

It's interesting that End of Suburbia is considered peak lite, though there's quite a bit room for different perspectives between that and that of the doomer (as defined here). Is End of Suburbia misleading by being overly optimistic?
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